Friday, August 14, 2009

Book - Successful meetings

At last! A book that breaks through and shows us in an easy-to-read manner how to put on successful meetings attendees will truly value. Watch out corporate America your meetings will never be the same again!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Managing in a Downturn: A comprehensive survey of the impact of the economic downturn on not-for-profit organisations

A survey which focuses on the perceptions of not-for-profit organisations of the impact of the economic downturn on their income and expenditure. Sixty per cent of Australian charities report falling revenues in the past six months and two thirds are predicting a further loss of income during the next twelve months as the global financial crisis impacts the not-for-profit (NFP) sector. The survey was conducted in April and May 2009 and questions focus on the impact in the last six months, as well as the anticipated future impact over the next year.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Six important managerial skills for successful leadership

A mark of a good leader is to be able to provide consistent motivation to his team encouraging them to attain excellence and quality in their performance. A good leader is always looking for ways to improve production and standards. Here are six management skills you can develop as a leader in working to create a quality effective team.

1. Observation

This is an important aspect that often gets neglected due the demands on a leader’s time and schedule. Observation and regular visits to the work environment are a priority and should be scheduled into the calendar. Observing employees at work, the procedures, interaction and work flow is foundational to implementing adjustments to improve results. To have credibility, a leader needs to be seen and be known to be up to date with what is happening in the work place.

2. Monitor Employee Performance

Employee performance needs to be monitored in mutually accepted ways. Policies and procedures need to be clear. Conferencing should be on a regular basis and not just when there is a problem. Assessments and evaluations should not be merely all formality or viewed a necessary paperwork to be done and filed away. Individual and group conferencing should be undertaken not only to monitor performance, but with the expectation of on going professional development and support. There should be frequent encouragement and clear criteria for on going goals both for the group and individual.

3. Implementation of Professional Development Programs

A good leader evaluates weaknesses and provides training and development strategies to strengthen the weaker skills in the team.

4. Demonstrates Working Knowledge and Expertise

Good leadership comes from a place of strong knowledge and experience of the production and process leading to results. If a leader does not possess all the expertise and knowledge personally, then regular consultations with experts involved in the departments should be held. This is important in order to maintain an accurate and informed overall picture.

5. Good Decision Making

Good leadership is characterized by the ability to make good decisions. A leader considers all the different factors before making a decision. Clear firm decisions, combined with the willingness and flexibility to adapt and adjust decisions when necessary, create confidence in the leadership.

6. Ability to Conduct and Evaluate Research

On going review and research is vital in order to keep on the cutting edge in business. While managing the present to ensure on going excellence in product and performance, a good leader is also able to look towards the future. Conducting and evaluating research is an important way of planning and being prepared for the future.

Excellent leadership is always pro active rather than reactive. By developing these six managerial skills builds a solid foundation for success.

This post was written by Barbara White. Barbara is a speaker and trainer in Leadership Skills.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

What are your meetings really costing?

We spend hours in meetings and sometimes we wonder if the time is spent wisely. This calculator helps to understand how much money you spend while meeting.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sum up your leadership in six words

[Thanks to Bert Decker for pointing out this post by John Baldoni]

The million dollar question for any leader is this: did you leave the organization in a better place than when you found it? Sadly we have discovered that the great recession we are enduring was in part due to senior executives who did not leave their companies better off, even though they themselves exited with pockets full of cash.

For leaders, this six-word exercise works well as a form of aspiration, that is, how do I want to be remembered? So if you are early or mid career, you have time to make changes so that you can become the leader you are capable of becoming. Consider the following three questions to help you consider how you would sum up your work life in six words or less
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Friday, June 26, 2009


As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th we often reflect on the thoughts and sacrifices made by the leaders that have preceded us. Take a few minutes to enjoy the movie, “Great Quotes from Great Leaders,” which is filled with timeless wisdom from great leaders who have inspired, encouraged and led us to do the right thing.

The Great Quotes Movie

In his book, “Sandbox Wisdom,” Tom Asacker has rewritten the rules on leadership and service. It is fun, refreshing and a terrific theme for any organization to encourage creativity and great service. It is quite possibly a life altering read. Click on the link below to read an excerpt from the book.
Sandbox wisdom

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How To Be A Masterful Manager


Being a successful manager requires many skills. It is not enough to be technically proficient at doing your job. This e-book by Australia's NO. 1 Productivity coach, Lorraine Pirihi has heaps of practical, easy-to-implement ideas to accelerate your leadership abilities and to help you be the best manager you can be.

How To Be A Masterful Manager